Increasing Testosterone Level In Seniors

Optimizing Testosterone Levels in Aging Men

Men experience a gradual but steady decline in testosterone levels as they age. Studies reveal that an 80-year old man will only have 20% of the testosterone he once had in his youth. testosterone Levels in Aging MenThe gradual decline in testosterone levels often leads to a higher risk of life-threatening conditions such as heart diseases, diabetes, and obesity. Several disturbing symptoms often characterize low testosterone levels in men. Some of the symptoms experienced include reduced libido, loss of lean muscle mass, low stamina, depression, anxiety, cognitive decline, and depression. Such symptoms have been linked with andropause. Unlike menopause, andropause is a gradual process that can take many years, which is one of the reasons men remain fertile for a lot longer. When detected early, testosterone deficiency symptoms can be reversed to give the man his youthful energy and looks. Testosterone supplements, for example, come in handy in replacing and restoring normal hormone levels in the blood, hence no problems with libido or performance. Most seniors today use testosterone pellets to help keep their blood T levels in check for many more years.

Testosterone Supplements: What you should know

Although the medical community has been reluctant in acknowledging or researching on the dangers of low blood T levels in men, some researchers have been producing synthetic testosterone. Best Suppliment to Maintain Testosterone LevelsThis product was first introduced into the market in the 1950s and was sold as methyl testosterone. Unknown to the users back then, this synthetic form of testosterone wasn’t pure hence lead to many health conditions, with liver cancer being the worst. It is after medical researchers looked into the compound that they determined it to be a dangerous drug, which saw the end of testosterone therapy back then.

Although a member of anabolic steroids, testosterone is less potent hence cannot be used to boost a person’s energy levels directly. This is unlike the synthetic testosterone compounds sold today that have an entirely different effect in the body. These synthetics have been abused over the past since the 1980’s by athletics to gain a competitive advantage in the field. While athletes can still use testosterone prescription, it has to be in controlled amounts, otherwise one risks penalties for illegal use. As of now, testosterone is a controlled substance, just as it is with amphetamines and narcotics. One, therefore, needs to be careful when using synthetic testosterone as it can take a toll on your health.
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